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Auto Elite Rewards

Join our Auto Elite Rewards, where your loyalty is rewarded with more than just a thank you; every purchase fuels your journey towards free automotive products.

Hey, thrill-seeking youth of the road! Are you ready to experience the hottest rewards program in the automotive realm? Buckle up and brace yourselves for Universal Auto Spares' exclusive Auto Elite Rewards—a fiery system designed just for you!

Here's the deal: Every time you drop $100 on Universal Auto Spares' exceptional products, we're cranking up the heat by giving you a FREE product in return! Whether you're revving up your ride, boosting its style, or enhancing its performance, we've got your back, and we're rewarding you every step of the way.

Universal Auto Spares' Auto Elite Rewards—a one-way ticket to a sizzling world of rewards and adrenaline. Are you ready to claim your spot in the Auto Elite Club? Step on the gas and let the rewards ride begin! 🏁

Rev Up Your Rewards, Dominate the Road!

🔥x1 Acceleration Level 1 - $100: LED Mini Flashlight

🔥x2 Acceleration Level 2 - $200: Air Freshener

🔥x3 Acceleration Level 3 - $300: Detailing Wool Pad

🔥x4 Acceleration Level 4 - $400: Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

🔥x5 Acceleration Level 5 - $500: Telescopic Inspection Mirror

🔥x6 Acceleration Level 6 - $600: Grinding Pad 115mm

🔥x7 Acceleration Level 7 - $700: Heavy-Duty Combination Pliers

🔥x8 Acceleration Level 8 - $800: 9 Piece Tork Set Chrome Vanadium Steel CRV

🔥x9 Acceleration Level 9 - $900: 11 in 1 Screwdriver Set Tool CRV (Plastic Case)

🔥x10 Acceleration Level 10 - $1000: Inflator and Gauge Kit Quality Hand Tool

(By reaching a certain product level, you not only unlock that specific product but also gain access to all the products below it as part of the irresistible package.)